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Throw me in the landfill
don’t think about the consequences

[for Madi]

4x01 and 8x01

Sam’s explanations for the state of the Impala on the various occasions that Dean comes back from the dead.

Tyler Hoechlin on the After After Show





you don’t understand, it’s canon that stiles cares enough about derek to hesitate before going after scott - his best friend - in a situation where a few seconds could mean life or death. stiles only goes…


AU The pack plays truth or dare at Derek’s loft and things get slightly out of hand 

"Okay, Derek, truth or dare"

"For the last time, I’m not playing this stupid-"

"So dare, then"

Stiles, I’m not kidding-“ 

"I dare you to spend the night with me and not fall victim to my overwhelming charm and sexual charisma" 

"Are you being serious right now?"

"As a heart attack, Derek, and if you wuss out on a dare you owe the person who issued the dare $100, I don’t make the rules"


"I- Wait, what?"


Three things cannot be long hidden:

The sun

The moon

And the amount of sexual tension between Stiles and Derek

Holland Roden for Troix - 20112